Your muscles don’t get bigger when you lift, because you’re breaking down muscle tissue. The acutal growth of the muscles happens after the gym during your meals and rest time. Protein is the next important nutrient to consider in order to decrease muscle breakdown during and after your workout.You need muscle protein synthesis to happen in order to repair and ultimately grow new muscle. In order to maximize protein synthesis and minimize breakdown, you need a good nutrition protocol. Consuming the proper nutrients before, during, and after training can dramatically affect your physique and strength results.

Before your workout you need to get enough nutrients to provide sufficient fuel to promote a workout intense enough to deliver a muscle-building stimulus. The meal should be consumed from 1-2 hours before to allow you to digest.Now you you need to think about the proper food choices. About 70% of the energy in your pre-workout meal should come from carbs, but choose low-glycemic carbs or slow-burning carbs like oatmeal, veggies, or sweet potatoe are better choices. If you feel like you need some extra calories for energy that day at your workout, you can add some extra fat such as almond butter or avocado.

An example of what a pre-workout meal should be like is given below.











Plan 1:
A good combo of easy-digesting proteins and slow burning carbs would be a 6-ounce chicken breast with a sweet potato and some avocado on the side,
or an oatmeal mixture with almond butter and whey protein. Go for about 20 to 40 grams of protein and 40 to 80 grams of carbs depending on how much you weight.

Plan 2:
1. Oatmeal with Whey Protein Mixed in
2. 2 Whole Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, Peppers, Onions, Low fat Cheese, Grapefruit.
3. Turkey Wrap with veggies
4. 6 Ounces Grilled Chicken with yam and asparagus

Plan 3:
1. A protein shake
2. 1-2 cups of cooked oatmeal with a scoop of whey-protein powder mixed in or a glass of milk
3. 6 oz. of yogurt, 1-2 oz. of cheese, or a glass of milk with a piece of fruit
4. A spoonful of natural peanut butter
5. Eggs whites

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