Seated Cable Row – Correct Technique

                                                  Warm-up, Technique, Speed, Control and Stretches are the major pillars for injury-free training. Learn how to perform the Seated Row Exercise with a proper technique

How To Use Protein

It’s a known fact that protein supplementation actually assists in increasing your Fat-Free Mass or overall muscle mass; where it also was proven to have the maximum effect when combined with resistance exercise training. The controversy of how much grams of protein your body can utilize or absorb in a

How To Avoid Workout Injuries

Everyone who works out is afraid of getting injured because it simply can put you out for a period of time. Most common weight training injuries are related to the use of poor technique. Make sure to follow the below steps to try avoid the probability of getting an injury.

Aerobic Vs. Anaerobic Training

Aerobic Aerobic training greatly increases the body’s functional capacity to transport and use oxygen and to burn fatty acids during exercise. Some of the major changes measured as a result of aerobic exercise (especially interval training) include the following: Increased mitochondrial density in slow-twitch muscle fiber, which results in higher

Steps: To Recover From A Workout

If you think training only is what gets you to be a top performance athlete, then think again! The most important factor that must be taken into consideration is RECOVERY. What happens outside the gym is what makes you stronger, better and more energized for your next day workout. If